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First name: Guinea announced a national wellness emergency masks for COVID-19

coronavirus face masks for sale uk,Xinhua Information Company, Abidjan, Drive 26 (News reporter Zheng Yangzi) - Conakry information: President of Guinea Lansana Conte on the 26th released a declaration stating, In response to the new crown pneumonia pandemic, the national wellness crisis. coronavirus face masks.

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coronavirus n95 face mask,announcement stated health emergency since the starting of the night time of 26 for 30 days. Guinea close property edges, the capital of Conakry traffic will be limited, a family car enables up to three people operating together, allowing the passenger minibuses 7-10 people, and one motorbike.

Conte said, colleges, theaters, churches and additional open public areas will become shut for 14 days and banned more than 20 people who gathered.

Best coronavirus mask for sale,As of 26 Might, Guinea reported a total of five cases of pneumonia overhead fresh verified situations, including one case offers been healed.

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