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shower curtain floral,Think that back to your last vacation and remember the exquisite hotel room you called home if only for a short time. Itu2019s a place where luxury abounds and relaxation is normally a top priority. Wish to obtain the same chic look and feel at home? You can transform your ordinary bedroom into a 5-star retreat with a few simple changes. Unique Shower Curtains

Hotels use obvious psychology. They are masters at pampering guests. Fresh, crisp linens, fluffy towels and fabulous furnishings welcome and wrap you in all their blissfulness. No wonder we never desire to move home. Thatu2019s just desire they desire. They want us to return again and again.

 Louis-Marin Bonnet, French - Head of Flora Shower Curtain Louis-Marin Bonnet, French - Head of Flora Shower Curtain

However, multiple vacations each year are a luxury that most of us can't afford. So why not recreate the look of a chic hotel in your master suite? That way you can appreciate the feeling of getting on holiday 365 days a year without ever having to keep home. shower curtains height.

When surveyed after a recent hotel stay most guests responded that the number one thing they remember is the comfort of the bed and bedding. Some luxury hotel chains like The W, Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons sell their own proprietary mattresses and bedding to the public. Hampton Inn even advertises their Home Collection, which includes pillows, bedding, mattresses, travel accessories and bath items. shower curtain 82 inches long.

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shower curtains for girls,So letu2019s start with your bed. Are you happy with your current mattress and bedding? If not, you may want to research your favorite hotelu2019s website for replacements. If thatu2019s a bit beyond your budget you can put a top-notch bed together on your own by following these easy tips:

abstract painting III Shower Curtainabstract painting III Shower Curtain

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Select a neutral paint color that complements your bedroom furniture. Don't think that neutral has to be boring. If you have dark espresso furniture try a pale blue similar to Tiffany's signature blue on your bedroom walls. Or do a search of upscale hotel property websites and copy the color scheme you like most.

Thereu2019s nothing better than propping your pillows up on a substantial headboard to read or watch TV. Purchase or make one thatu2019s tall enough to make a definite statement in the room. Upholstered is better and tufted is best.

Wall-mounted, hanging pendants or bedside table lamps are a must for reading and working in bed. Make sure you have ample overhead lighting available when you need it. Hang a classic chandelier or large drum shade pendant in the center of the room. Install a dimmer to control the amount of light. A stylish floor lamp is the perfect lighting touch for a reading nook or writing desk.